Le Vélo

LE VÉLO | Lochside Cycles City Bike Review

- by Susan Stokhof -

The Ariel is ideal for the urban rider with classic sensibilities who is looking for an upright bicycle without the weight and girth of the classic Dutch bicycle. It is ideal for those living in apartments with stairs, I found it to be quite manageable to carry her up stairs. The Ariel is meant for daily rides in the city, to work, running errands and out to dinner parties with friends. Wearing a long dress, skirts and pants are not a problem as the Ariel comes with a chain guard, front and back fenders to protect your clothes and to stop the splash. She also comes with Sturmey-Archer 5-speed internally geared hub allows for easy-to-adjust speeds and upright geometry so you can cruise in comfort and style. 


Madeline Step-Through Frame - Lochside Cycles
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