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- by Julie Shaver -

If you haven't heard of Lochside Cycles before, let me introduce you!  The Canadian bike company is based out of Victoria, BC and they have created a phenomenal business, taking their passion for cycling and combining it with their appreciation for great style.  Their line of bikes include single speedsroadstersstep-throughs like mine, the beautiful Lovelo as well as practical accessories!  Their classic colours and attention to detail make their line of bikes eye-catching and dreamy!

The beautiful stitching, comfortable leather seat and the ability to change gears with ease are just a few of the reasons why I'm completely head over heels for this gorgeous ride.  My husband has been a long time bike enthusiast and it's only as of recently that I began to understand and appreciate the construction of a great bike.  I never really got it before, but when you hop on a bike that has been crafted out of quality products and designed with comfort and style in mind, you really do see and feel the difference.


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